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Property Developers and providers of Premier Life style accommodations, Hourie Development (HD), Hourie Development Offshore (HDO) and Hourie Management Offshore (HMO) having the same owners, has among other prestigious Projects executed The Foch 94 High end residential building in Solidere at the Central District of Down Town Beirut.
With a significant presence across key emerging markets in the Middle East , the Gulf and the MENA Region HD, HDO, HMO are the pioneers of creating an integrated lifestyle residential Projects ranging from high end condos in Down Town Beirut to Low cost housing in West Africa.

HD, HDO, HMO has strengthened its competencies from 40 years of experience of its Board members who worked as contractors in different type of complex Project in Lebanon, KSA, UAE and West Africa.

Hourie Development (HD), Hourie Development Offshore (HDO) and Hourie Management Offshore (HMO)

A group of Companies focused on different core competencies covering many activities.
Our time-honored name and expertise in the development business stem from 40 years of a widely accredited contracting firm and parent company Enterprises A.R. Hourie.

As a result, (HD), (HDO) and (HMO) stand today the pioneers among the most respectable firms in the Construction industry specifically as; either share holders, Developers, Project Management and/or as Support Services providers to Main Contractors.



Hourie Development (HD), HDO and HMO are a group of companies involved in the Development and Project Management activities established in Lebanon in 2004, to answer a specific need in a rapidly expanding Real Estate marketplace both in Development and Project Management in Lebanon, the Gulf and the MENA Region.

Our Services

As Developers,
our comprehensive scope of work covers a wide range of responsibilities, from creating a project idea to delivering the keys of the premises to the client. These include:
1. Conceptual analyses, and feasibility studies.
2. Land acquisition and geographic impact assessment.
3. Planning, financial and business analyses.
4. Preparation of budgets, cash flows and comparative economic analyses.
5. Acquisition of external financing.
6. Design development, direct participation and stringent review with the architect.
7. Preparation of pre-qualification applications and tenders.
8. Evaluation of technological process alternatives.
9. Monitoring and commissioning.
10. Production of brochures, leaflets and promotional advertisements.
11. Marketing and sales.

As Project Managers
we maintain deep and direct involvement in every project, from start to finish:

Objectives and Design

1. Review and approve the preliminary design
2. Identify the Owners requirements to the Architect in the Design Development Phase.


Throughout the project we ensure that all the project objectives are met within budget, on time, and to the appropriate quality standards. These three tenets of cost, time and quality are closely observed throughout the implementation phases:

Stage 1: Bidding & Award

1. Finalizing preliminary contractor bid lists by contract package.
2. Pre-qualifying selected contractors based upon qualification criteria.
3. Issuing final invited-bidder list by contract package.
4. Preparing and reviewing bid packages.
5. Issuing "Requests for Quotation"; reviewing and analyzing bids.
6. Recommending contract awards and issuing "Notices to Proceed ".

Stage 2: Construction

1. Helping to obtain the necessary permits.
2. Managing, coordinating, and inspecting the work of individual Contractors.
3. Maintaining job diaries, drawing register, and other records.
4. Preparing and approving progress-payment requests.
5. Maintaining progress records and photographs.
6. Preparing contract closeout and acceptance documents.

The Team






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